Weed Wiper

The only wiper with automatic feedback control for optimum efficiency.

• Cheap and effective weed control;
• Tough, long wearing pads;
• Hydrostat Control System;

The weed wiper can be safely used to wipe tall weeds in pasture over such valuable crops as Serradella, Biserrula and Clover.

Efficient, Versatile, Safe, Strong folding design.

Broad-spectrum herbicides, such as glyphosate, and selective herbicides which would normally kill the crop can be applied to tall growing weeds at times when they are still suscepible – but without damage to the crop.

Management Tips

Can be used on a variety of weeds from barley grass and silver grass to cape tulip, wild radish & turnip.

ATV Machines

ATV Trailing Machines

Hydrostat Control System

Hydrostat Control System

Hydrostat control system that can automatically keep the pad the correct saturation level regardless of travel speed or the density of targets. The pad is always saturated for a good transfer of herbicide but never gets so wet that it drips. You don’t waste time or herbicide and you don’t damage desired understory plants.


Adjustable Weedwiper Modules

Modules can be made from 1m to 4m wide.
All modules come ready to attach to a frame (old or existing boomspray or specifically built).
Also available tanks, pumps and all fittings.